Paper roses, fragmented memories, engraved petals

Roses en papier, souvenirs fragmentés, pétales gravés

Papierowe róze, fragmentaryczne wspomnienia, grawerowane platki


Wrest Park and Bletchley Park will show two, parallel exhibitions of printmaking and artworks made with paper, host lectures, demonstrations and workshops during the summer of 2018.


The work, formally titled ‘Systems of philosophy – wall(paper)s of mind’, is a response, in the medium of paper, to the vast collections of paper based objects and artefacts held, independantly, by both heritage sites. The work has been supported by the Arts Council England over the past year whilst Annett has been working with the collections and curatorial teams. The outcomes are two parallel exhibitions of engravings and works on paper as well as other site specific pieces which include giant hand bound codices, poetry and origami multiples.


Annett has developed a technique of tranfer-engraving with rose petals, from copper, zinc and aluminium plates, creating very large, original prints, which fragment and re-construct the original artworks; a method which echoes the fragility of the conservation of museum and archeological collections over time as well as the way information and histories are deliberatly coded, decoded and understood.


Wrest Park houses the famous Zuber and Chinese wallpapers in the main house, but also holds the entire collections of wallpapers for English Heritage, as part of its complete archeological collection which spans thousands of years. The images here are some of the works which will be shown at Wrest Park in June 2018

The Wrest Park Exhibition is open to the public from 14/06/2018 - 21/07/2018