Paper roses, fragmented memories, engraved petals

Roses en papier, souvenirs fragmentés, pétales gravés

Papierowe róze, fragmentaryczne wspomnienia, grawerowane platki


The Bletchley Park collection has over half a million paper documents which, include code, cyphers, photographs, poetry and blueprints from World War two and Annett has focused on the aspects of the internationalism of design technology and text as well as the overarching theme of the fragmentation of information.

There will be opportunities for visitors to Wrest and Bletchley to handle the objects as well as to experience the printmaking techniques with the artist. There will additionally be a full colour catalogue to accompany the artworks.

All prints are part of a series but remain original as it is impossible to recreate a petal print.
Each image is marked with a seal and the paper objects will be made in collaboration with 'La Livresse'.

The Bletchley Park Exhibition will be open to the public from 14/07/2018 - October 2018