We are almost 6 months into the programme of works at Atelier Melusine
www.ateliermelusine.com and our current show 'Temporal Traces Magical Manuscripts' is quite extraordinary:


Temporal Traces Magical Manuscripts


On Saturday 11 May the Atelier Melusine was once again filled with guests amazed at the variety of artworks to engage with in the curious contemporary art space in La Trimouille.
With work across four levels, including film, poetry, song, tracings of ancient Coptic manuscripts, the rediscovered copper etching plates of Serge Arnoux along with their handcoloured modern updates, printed works by William Blake, sculptures and various intriguing maps, books and etchings, the exhibition allows visitors to follow drawing styles, linked to text, alphabet, magical and religious belief through two thousand years of graphic arts.
Artists and historians contributing are The Coptic Magical Papyri;
Vernacular Religion in Late Roman and Early Islamic Egypt from the Julius Maximilian University Wušrzburg led by Korshi Dorsoo, Raquel MartiŽn HernaŽndez Spain,lecturer at the Department of Classics at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Luis Calero, international singer and  expert in ancient Greek music, artist and photographer Robert Campbell Henderson and poet Hugh McMillan.
On the Sunday, Dosoo and MartiŽn HernaŽndez led free lectures and an archeological arts workshop for the public. The exhibition will run until the 29 June and will be open every Tuesday and Thursday and then by appointment. To visit contact sally annett at email
annett897@btinternet.com and for more information go to; www.atelierdemelusine.com
There is such a lot to see and take in in this exhibition, you may want to spend a couple of hours in the space, and if the weather is fine, time in the roof-top gardens.

The next evening event open to the public, will be part of the ‘Balades des Artists Par Deux’ on Friday 31st May, the biannual exhibition where the three gallery and studio spaces in La Trimouille; L’atelier Melusine, L’atelier Vero and Dayart, open their doors to host a second visual three course ‘feast’ of art and foods from 19.00 onwards.


Atelier Melusine
La Trimouille

In March 2017 my friend and patron Tracy Fairston made her largest investment in my work and loaned me the money to purchase a 18th C property built into the walls of an ancient ruined castle in SW France.

The idea was to turn it into a studio/gallery with an interdisciplinary programme of exhibitions and residencies. It is now March 2019 and we; Morgan and Paul, my long suffering Mairie and many others opened successfully on 7 december 2018 with the full 'Systems of Philosophy - Wall(paper)s of Mind' exhibition toured from Wrest and Bletchley Parks and supported by Arts Council England. We launched the blog for the website; 'text : message : ilud : nuntius' on 16 feb. 2019 alongside our first artist residency which included artists and art students from Nantes, Orleans, Bordeaux and Montmorillon. Our second show 'Dolls - Pupa' will open on 23 March and is a group show looking at all things doll/AI/robot through the medium of text and image and is followed by a busy programme of exhibitions, residencies, collaborations, ongoing rennovation and archeological documentation of the site. I am also continuing my own multi-disciplinary practice and writing.

We look forward to seeing you there; www.atelierdemelusine.com
Life is just too short and too interesting. X

'Systems of Philosophy - Wall(paper)s of Mind' is still on at Bletchley Park until 28 October 2018
A review of both the Wrest and Bletchley Park exhibitions by Dr David Hancock of 'Paper' is online here ;https://papergallerymagazine.wordpress.com/2018/09/18/sally-annett-systems-of-philosophy-wallpapers-of-mind/

Addtitional information is available here ; https://bletchleypark.org.uk/whats-on/systems-of-philosophy-wallpapers-of-mind



April 20 - 29  Works on paper and hologram, paint and print at the Atelier de La Livresse. Montmorillon. Fr. As part of the 10th Jardin Passion




October 2017 Annett has been invited to be part of the '1917 Tarot' project in St Petersburg, Russia as part of the celebrations for the 100 year anniversairy of the Russian Revolution.

September 2017

'Systems of Philosophy - Wall(paper)s of the Mind, Annetts Arts Council England funded project will launch in the late spring of 2018 in collaboration with Wrest Park (English Heritage) and Bletchley Park. It looks at the relationship between contemporary fine art and heritage uses of paper.

Annett is currently working between Oxford and France establishing an atelier and studio retreat in La Vienne.



 'Ladder Tree' lino-cut on paper. Aesthetica Magazine Feb 2017





The 'Contemplation Seats' project is about to complete its pilot phase. It has had over 207,000 visitors and was shortlisted for the AcoRP 2016 Arts and Sustainability award. We have had fascinating collaborations and commissions; to view the project as it grows please go to: www.contemplationseats.com 



I am delighted to announce that the 'Contemplation Seats' project went live 24/03/2016, with new artworks installed on the MVCRP line, London Midland trains and with an interactive website - to find out more go to http://contemplationseats.com/



January 2016

Homunculous - @ Peckham Asylum - Image India Roper-Evans
Group Show - Installation Performance as part of the Tree of Life series

Exhibitions, Awards and Project Updates

Stage two of the snakes and ladders urban-rural project is almost complete with two key events in May, " First Outing' 10/05/2015 and 'Day Out 1' 28/05/2015.

Annett's current project 'Snakes and Ladders' has two dedicated websites, for all information regarding this and all on going work please go to www.snakesandladdersabc.com for the stage one research and development and artists work/images, and for the next phase please see the new www.snakesandladdersurban-rural.com, which is just beginning to grow.

The first half of the 2014 included events and exhibitions in the UK, Sweden and the USA; international conferencing and posters, as well as undertaking a part-time Masters Degree in Intercultural Communications to support the research, which lead to several training days and a further series of interventions. The work focuses on consciousness, concentration and contemplation.

In 2015 Annett will be focusing on 'Snakes and Ladders, Urban - Rural and the creation of several new micro-arts spaces in the region.

At a glance:

November 2015

Uncertain States 2015 Open - From the 'Tree of Life' ongoing series http://www.uncertainstates.com/ucs-annual-2015/




'Displacement' as part of the Bath and Bristol Weekender 'OnPhotoCopy' - Bath Fringe http://www.fringeartsbath.co.uk/fab/2015/10/30/on-photocopy-exhibition-at-44ad-artspace.html


November cont;

Selected to be one of the 10 Harpur Trust 450 Anniversary Artists in collaboration with Bedfordshire Archive and Records services.

Graduated with Distinction. Masters Degree in Intercultural Communication. UoB. UK. 

September 2015

Speaker 'Re-enchanting the Academy' Christchurch Canterbury. http://www.canterbury.ac.uk/education/conferences-events/re-enchanting-the-academy/conference-materials.aspx 


December 2014 I am delighted to announce that the second part of the Snakes and Ladders project 'Urban and Rural' has received funding and support from the Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts programme.

04/12/14 - PechaKucha Bedford Creative Arts - I will be speaking about my long term work and launching the new 'Urban Rural' project phase.