Under Annett's direction FRINGEMK established a painting prize in 2009. thecentre:mk and Midsummer Place; FRINGEMK's Painting Prize was designed as a contemporary survey in British Painting. The catalogue produced to accompany both the festivals, selected 100 finalists and showcases the work. It is representative of a very broad spectrum of painting, which include multi media elements. The work submitted was very strong, with a variety of emerging and nationally known artists. The selectors included, the late Mike Stanley [MOA], Stephen Snoddy [Walsall], Phoebe Unwin RA, Andy Harper and Anthony Spira, alongside Annett. All have a strong connection or 'history' with Milton Keynes.

Prize winners included:

Corinna Till
Gabriel Tejada
Jake Clark
Brendon Lyons
Emma Talbot
Michelle Fletcher
Tamsin Morse

Selected Artists included:

John Stark
Cathy Lomax
Tom Yates
Katie Pratt
Juan Bolivar
Andrew Salgado
Govindah Sah
Ali Sharma
Alice Brown
Lesley Halliwell
Heather McReynolds
Lara Vianna
Jacqueline Utley
Paul Collinson
Ron Kitto
Sneh Mehta
Simon McWilliams
Jane Bustin
Matthew Smith
Fiona Curran
Louisa Durose
Lindsay Bull
Chris Hanlon
Ian Law
Geraldine Cox
Elizabeth Lecourt
Louisa Chambers
Steven Lowery
Kieran Drury
Claire Jarvis
Day Bowman
Ireneusz Gajowniczek
Lesley Feathersone
Daniel Pasteiner
Ed Huxley
Mahali O'Hare
Annabelle Shelton
Annabelle Tilley
Annabelle Dover
Arina Gordienko
Cara Nahaul
Euan Gray
Angela Massey
Clare Wilson
Fransisco Ortega
Atsuhide Ito
George Vasey
R W Arbuthnot
Boyd and Evans
Catherine Baker
Tom Owen
Fiona Robinson
Sarah McNulty
Thomas Johnson
Sally Booth
Dominic Bradburn
Orlanda Broom
Robin Dixon
Michael Freedman
Steph Goodger
Yvanna Greene
Mike Hanney
Linda Hubbard
Graham Knight
Linda Lencovic
Geoff Diego Litherland
Stephen Lovarr
Richard Monahan
David Sullivan
Joshua Uvieghara
Sarah West