Annett is currently working and living France estblishing a new artist led, studio and gallery space. Whilst still developing the ACE supported 'Systems of Philosophy - Wall(paper)s of Mind ' with Wrest Park, Bletchley Park and Atelier de Melusine, Fr., which successfully opened in december 2018. Sally Annett is a multi-media artist and curator/producer based in the UK. Central to her work is the idea of arts practice as inquiry and action. Individually Annett’s work is concerned with the intersections between science, art and humanities/religion practice and how this impacts on ecological, environmental and gender issues which she address with more and more urgency through her material works. Current and projects include: The development and programming of Atelier Melusine. Fr ‘Systems of Philosophy - Wallpapers of Mind’‘. Arts Council England 'Contemplation Seats’. UK ACE, BRCC, ACORP, MVCRP and London Midland. ‘Snakes and Ladders’ Arts Council England (ACE) G4A ‘The Striped Van’ Gallery and Mobile Cinema Space, (ACE) ‘Noumenon’ . BLCF Please see the extensive archive and curation sections of this website for additional information and images. Follow us on Social Media Facebook; Twitter; @SalAnnettSandL New blog:

Abbreviated CV

2018 Selected for Mentoring sessions in art and science practices by Anna Dumitriu. President at Science and the Arts Section of the British Science Association. Arts Council England (ACE) UK
2013-15 Ma Intercultural Communication U.o.Bedfordshire. UK
1989/91 Fine Arts Ba [Hons] Bretton Hall Leeds University. UK
1991 Printmaking scholarship with Oscar Romp [RA] UK
1987/8 Banbury School of Art. UK

Solo Shows and performances include:
2018 'Garden of terrestrial delights'. Montmmorillon.France
2016-17 'Trove – BDCPS' BBC Buildings. Bedford
2016 'Contemplation Seats'. Marston Vale Train Line. UK.
2016 'Asylum' The Old Chapel Peckham. London. UK
2014 'Tree' The Little White Shed. Kempston Hardwick.UK
2013 'Walks with a Magic Painting' Intervention, moving and still images and installation, various non-gallery UK locations.
2013 'Snakes and Ladders' The Bunyan Meeting Bedford
2013 'Pilgrimage' and 'Response' collaborative, poetry,performance, expanded cinema and intervention with Rowena Willard Wright and Wootton Upper School. Various UK locations.
2012 ‘Tree of Life’ Installation. Midsummer Place. CMK
2009/10 'The Herd’ Various Installations and intervention CMK
2010 'Beach' 40m Mural Installation for thecentre:mk
2007 'Locus Amoenus’, ArtworksMK Text Mike Stanley
2007 Locus Amoenus’ The Ballroom.MK Football Stadium Queens Visit. MK 40th Birthday
2003 ‘The Fool’s Journey’, Dulwich Picture Gallery.London UK
1998 ‘Atavist Interloper’, Milton Keynes Gallery. UK

Group Shows and Symposia Include:
2017 2017 Tarot. St Petersburg. Russia
2016 NN Contemporary. Metonmyic Time Machine. UK
2016 Bath Fringe. Bath UK
2016 Asylum. The Old Chapel Peckham. London. UK
2015 Uncertain States Annual Open. Mile End Pavillion.London. UK
2015 First Outing – The Striped Van. UK
2014 ‘The City is a School’. Liverpool Biennal UK
2014 'Walks with a magic painting'Konst Galleri Sweden
2014 ‘Tri’ – THIS. Wrexham UK
2013 Milton Keynes Gallery 'The Reflection Room' MK Calling.UK
2013 95%. Allenheads Contemporay Arts and the Migrating Arts Academies [Miga] UK.
2013 Religion and Society Engaging Outside Academia. OU UK
2013 British Neuroscience Association Biennial Barbican London
2013 Faraday Institute, Cambridge: Introduction to Science and Religion UK
2013 'The Sketchbook Project'. Art Coop Brooklyn. USA
2012/13 'Winter Open' One Church Street Gallery. UK
2012 ‘Signs 2012’ 1650 Gallery, Los Angeles. USA
2012 ‘The Flaneur’ October on line exhibition.
2010 The Open University Sculpture Biennial. UK
2006 ‘Travels in my suitcase’ Vilnius, Lithuania
2005 ‘Tora de Roma’ Italy
2004 ’10 Years On’ Milton Keynes Gallery.UK
CBX 1,2,3,4 – 1999-2002 MK.UK
2002 Hidden Dimensions’ 3rd MK International Symposium UK

Commissions and collections include:
2000-17 Collection of Mr N.Pirie. Hong Kong
2016 Collection of Mrs R. Larty UK
2012 Collection of Ms T. Fairston Mallorca
2012 'Atavist (interloper)' The Public Catalogue Foundation. BBC UK
2008 'Locus Amoenus' Collection of the late Michael Stanley. UK
2004 ‘The Mabinogian Series’Palace of Westminster – The Queens Royal Robing Rooms. London UK

Organisations include:
2017 A&H Contemporary Arts
2015 Noumenon
2012 Bedford Creative Arts
2012 Axis Web
2012 Dialogin – Inter-cultural Forum
2012-2014 Trustee for ‘The Drawing Machine’ MK
2012 The Flaneur
2011 Scientist Artist Collaborations
2012 Selection Panel for CF Milton Keynes Arts Bursary
2011-2012 Westbury Farm Studios
1993-2012 Silbury Group/Westbury Farm Studios Founder. UK
2008-2011 FRINGEMK. Founder, Curator and Artistic Director
2007 ‘On the Verge’ – Co-founder and lead artist Banners.
2002-2009 Visual Arts `panel Assessor for Arts Network Gateway
2008-2012 Fine Arts Consultant for ‘Arts and Architecture’ UK

Awards and Funding include:
2017 Arts Council England 'Systems of Philosophy"
2016 AcORP Arts and Sustainability Award nomination
2016 Arts Council England G4A. Contemplation Seats
2016 ACORP Designated Community Rail Development Fund
2015 Arts Award /Artsmark
2015 Bedford and Luton Community Foundation
2012-2014 Arts Council England G 4 A. ‘Snakes and Ladders’
2012 The Oppenheim Foundation
2012 Arts Council England Grants for the Arts
1997 Arts Council England - Atavist Interloper
1998-2007 MK Arts Association – various projects
2006 Nominated for the SEEDA Sculpture Awards, Cass
2008 – 2010 In excess of £160,000.00p in ACE funding for commissioning and curation of ‘Translation” and ‘Urban Games'
2009 ‘Arts and Business’. Seven nominations regionally,and nationally in, ‘Community’, ‘Branding and ‘Innovation and Technology’

Conferences, Teaching and Lecturing include:
2016 Bletchley Park. ‘Code Trail’.
2015/16 Lead artist for the Harpur Trust 450th & Competition. UK
2015 Presenting paper and workshop @ Re-enchanting the Academy University of Christchurch Canterbury. UK
2015 Presenting paper @ Breaking Convention July. University of Greenwich. UK.
2014 Keynote Speaker London LASER 2014 21 London UK
2014 Parallel Speaker @ The BASS Conference UK
2014 Abstract and Poster @ Towards a Science of Consciousness USA
2012-17 Protocol UK
1993-7 MK Youth services
1992-8 Projects delivered for Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes, Oxfordshire and Birmingham Education Authorities.
2005-6 Peterhouse College Cambridge and Canterbury University, lecturing in Genetics and Language, with Digital Scientific UK

Collaborations include:
2016 Contemplation Seats
2016 Bletchley Park. ‘Code trail’
2014-16 BRCC, MVCRP, London Midland. Network Rail
1998-2017 Rowena Willard-Wright. Senior Curator English Heritage.
2005-7 Dr. Annand Saggar St.George’s Medical Hospital London
2004-8 Hosted and on the second tier selection panel for ‘Braziers International’ Artists in residence
2008-11 Doplgenger, Serbia

Publications and Writing include:
2019 The Foudrinier. UK
2018 La Nouvelle Republique. Fr
2018 Paper. UK
2018 The Hand. USA
2016/18 Aesthetica Feb. Issue
2017 The Bedfordshire Clanger. UK
2013 Uncertain States. Vo. 16 UK.
2003 ‘The Atavist Tarot’ Published by Foulsham. McMillan.
2009-10 Artists Newsletter [editorial]

The Little White Shed
The Striped Van – The International Mobile Gallery Association
A&H Contemporary Art

Case studies include:
2013 Wootton Upper School. Kelly Garner HO Media 'Response'
2000 EU study into the Creative Industries. Author Elizabeth Barnett
2009 Arts Council England – for ‘Translation’
2009 Arts and Business – for ‘Translation’

Current Studio:
Cumnor Oxford. UK
La Trimouille. France