From 2008 Annett, with FRINGEMK curated three, temporary 'whitewall spaces'; 'WHITEWALL' in thecentre:mk, 'Project Space 1',  'Faceboard' in Midsummer Place and empty Savill's shop units in the Theatre District. Showing work from emerging and established international artists. These exhibitions had almost no budget but had huge audiences and demand to show was so high a second space [Faceboard] was created to allow a space specifically for Milton Keynes based projects and groups.

Annett focused on photographic works and live painting projects. "Live painting and /or performance engages the public in a completely different way to completed and privately installated work. It bridges the gap between installation and intervention. As a curator and artist live, working practise is the most effective and direct way to involve and develop the understanding of contemporary art thinking and methodology of the public/audience. It brings the process and concept into their view in a way totally unlike that of a static, 'pre-hung' exhibition. They are aware of the complexity of technique and subject/narrative and not least, the time and physicality spent on the work, it becomes a magical event in which they can share, on which they can think or comment and which they miss when it has gone."
In 2012 Annett stepped back from the curation of the project spaces after major surgery.