Painter, Printmaker, Site Specific Curator/Interventionista, Collaborator, Author, Consultant, Irreverend Mother,

Annett and Santiago 'Tarot and Tiffin' Performance 2004
From the Atavist and Ever Lasting Cakes series.
Image by Legge

Sally Annett has been living and working in France since 2017, focussing on rennovating and establishing

Annett is a multi-media artist and curator/producer based in the UK.
Central to her work is the idea of arts practice as inquiry and action. Individually Annett’s work is concerned with the intersections between science, art and humanities/religion practice and how this impacts on ecological, environmental and gender issues which she address with more and more urgency through her material works.

Annett trained in Fine Arts as a painter, printmaker and photographer but has an additional Masters degree in Intercultural Communication. Her studio's and practice are split between the UK and France.

Annett works across all media producing collaborative and curational projects. In 2008 co-establishing FRINGEMK, 'celebr8' and The Milton Keynes Cenotaph Projects. In three years she delivered three International festivals, ran three project and exhibition spaces, co-ordinated several ground breaking 'world first's, brought over 90 International Artists, events and performances to Central Milton Keynes. Her curatorial work has been enjoyed by over 22,000,000 visitors.

In 2012 she shifted the balance to prioritise her personal studio practice and research, producing paintings, prints, text and performance.

The late Mike Stanley, said of Annett, " Sally is one of those rare people, with a key grasp of regional and national infrastructure overlaid with a deep understanding of International, Contemporary Art"

Her 2016 pilot project, also ACE funded, 'Contemplation Seats' a performative, active meditation, was nominated for an AcORP award for arts and sustainability and will continue on into 2018. Please see

Annett co-writes with Rowena Willard Wright [nee Shepherd] and is published by Foulsham.

Annett has a specialist interest in the interscetions between art, science and language, particularly alphabet, ritualisation of the mundane and metarepresentation and was a London LASER speaker for "Leonardo', lecturing in/on 'conciousness.