Sally Annett's on going european based project in La Trimouille France, began in spring 2017, launched and opened to the public in december 2018. It is a platform for her multi-media practice, collaboration and inquiry as well a studio and gallery space for contemporary arts practice. go to Annett is developing the outline for a major two year project called 'Women and Water - 4 Rivers' and the focus of the collaborations Annett will lead in 2019 - 20 are driven by environmemtal proctection. Collaboration, curation and exchange and growth of ideas has been central to Annett's practice as well as supporting the work of other artists.

The exhibition 'Temporal Traces Magical Manuscripts' May 11 - June 29 2019 is no exception and has led the Coptic Magical Paypri (Wurzburg University. Frankfurt) project to produce new work with Raquel Martin Hernadez and Luis Calero (University de Complutense Madrid), Robert Campbell Henderson, Hugh McMillan, Serge Arnoux and William Blake.##

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