As part of the 2010 FRINGEMK International Arts Festival 'Urban Games' Programme Annett designed and curated the World's first Anamorphic Street Art Prize. Transforming the biggest indoor spaces in the region, Middleton Hall in thecentre:mk and the vast Atrium of Midsummer Place into vibrant international street painting and urban arts venues. This launched the 'Urban Games' programme alongside the 'Painting Prize' and the 'Terrafolk' opening of the first Milton Keynes 'IF' festival. From 2012 FRINGEMK has co-ordinated the 'fringe festival' for 'IF'. Since the conception of the BMFFA and FRINGEMK by Annett and Anderson the scenery and quality of the Arts in the region has radically changed and with stunning results. The arts community of the city has worked long and hard collaboratively to raise the regions cultural profile and the 2009 FRINGEMK International Arts festival, proved the demand and created a platform. All the above events have been supported financially by Arts Council England SE, MK Public Art Team [MKC], MK Community Foundation, Arts Network Gateway, Greymatter and the Big Lottery.

Invited International Artist Juandres Vera completed a series of large scale Anamorphic Street paintings in the shopping centres over month long residency and judged the final competition which was won by artist Meechy who has worked prodigiously for FRINGEMK in 2010/11.

This was the FRINGEMK's most successful event was seen by in excess of 2,000,000 visitors.

Commissioned artists included; Doplgenger, Sabine Jeanne-Bieli, Julie Freeman and Dr Ryan Pink, Andy Harper and the 'celebr8' parade. For a small archive go to the 'Latefringemk' Facebook page @