Annett is the creator of and was Artistic Director and Curator for FRINGEMK from 2008 until August 2011 when she merged her two organisations, FRINGEMK and Westbury Farm Studios in May 2011. For the final 2010 festival Annett wrote and co-curated the piece 'The Fools Journey' with Helen Parlor, as a contmeporary dance work but also as a flashmob, performed with 17+ user groups and schools. It is a piece in 22 acts, and is developed from the individual narratives of the Atavist (interloper) project. Funders and partners include; Midsummer Place Shopping Centre, thecentre:mk, The Arts Council England South East, Milton Keynes Council, Milton Keynes Community Foundation, Milton Keynes Arts Network Gateway,Greymatter, Make a Difference and Westbury Farm Studios.


A                                             Above, Annett and Parlour developing the choreography, 2010


From 'The Fool's Journey' Dance Project 2010 
Written by Annett, Choreographed by Helen Parlour, Lead Dancer Chris Bradley, Musical Score Nathaniel Reed 
Dancers, Annete Meiltoft, Sioda Martin, Kate Mason, Adam Rutherford, Dean Reeve 
Apprentice, Michael Naylor 


Photography by Annett and Legge


With thanks to 'Footwerk'; Helen Parlor and Chris Bradley and 'SplitMilk'.