Since January 2011, having been working, deliberately using a defined narrative and complex themes, I have produced a large body of paintings and drawings looking at the exoteric [outer] and esoteric [hidden] languages in art, religion and science. Process is fundamental to my work, and I have created a group of highly subjective 'base' images, containing illustrative, narrative, symbolist, surrealist and decorative elements. These works are then painted over - not repainted - creating a final series of abstracted and objective images which conceal, yet still contain their esoteric stories, whilst attempting to convey their essential meanings in the simplest most direct tradition of the arts, colour, pure form, paint and binary symbols, the zero or circle and the line. I am still working with Archetype. The structural exoteric forms are either religious, alchemical or scientific symbols. The gallery shows the final abstracted form.

In the later paintings 2016 onwards I am including text as a method of intentional under painting.