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In 1994 Annett began painting the 'Atavist [interloper]' paintings. A series of 22 five by 3 feet canvases, in 1998 they were shown in MK Gallery where Annett collaborated with Rowena Willard-Wright [English Heritage] in the text for the book 'The Atavist Tarot' published by Foulsham in 2003. The paintings and animation, 'The Fool's Journey Part1 were shown the same year in Dulwich Picture Gallery and will be shown in the University Centre MK and on the FRINGEMK Whitewall in December 2010 as a retrospective of Annett's painted works. Annett, Willard Wright, Dr, Anand Sagger and Tom Kaser, went onto to develop the 'Art of Memory' project which links genetic function and archetypal symbols, lecturing at Peterhouse College Cambridge and Canterbury University at the International Cytogenetic Conferences with Digital Scientific UK. 

"Memory is consciousness and our “immortal soul” may be an aspect of our physicality, a blasphemous and frightening idea. Can understanding genetics and the function of memory help us understand why all cultures have a belief system? What evolutionary function creates [or manifests in us as] a need to believe? How did it evolve? What is it? How is it made and where is it stored? Is memory secreted in the DNA of our cells or is it spiritual? How is memory connected with thought? When does thought begin and memory end?


Over millennia, through memory we have recognized and attributed meanings to these patterns and turned them into symbols, through which we have developed systems for counting, speech and language.

Should we be surprised then that our oldest written alphabets correspond very accurately in number and symbol to those of the human chromosome?

 This ability to recognize and then act upon ‘pattern’ as well as attributing a spiritual or magical reason behind these forces has evolved globally into Archetypes and external creative agencies [gods]. Science presents us with a case for a predominantly internal ‘God’, hardwired into our genetic structure. This idea is present but largely lost in our religious doctrines due to literary translation and secular ambition through out History.

Our genetic structure does have a pre-disposition towards both language and ‘god’. But what is its evolutionary function and what is ‘God’ in contemporary scientific terms? 


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